Which region of Spain is the best to live in?

Spain has many offers for expatriates who dream of a better life in this place. Fascinating, sunny, friendly Spain, works like a magnet for tourists - and from around the world. Spain is becoming more and more attractive to active lifestyle seekers who want to move permanently to this place.

Where to live in Spain?

The country noted a significant increase in the number of foreigners who began living in its area since the beginning of the 21st century. Foreigners of different nationalities constitute 12.8% of the entire Spanish population. On the basis of these facts, it can be concluded that Spain is currently one of the most preferred destinations for emigration in the world.

The following regions are particularly popular:

  • Madrid

  • Marbella

  • Valencia

  • Estepona

  • Sevilla

The above-mentioned places are a ready list for people planning to start a new life in Spain. This amazing country has a lot to offer. For foreigners, the above-mentioned regions are the ones that attract the most enormous opportunities for work and life in general.

There are many possibilities for living in the enchanted Spanish regions - from multi-family apartments to villas in the suburbs. Everything depends on preferences and the available budget. It's worth moving out to get a solid understanding of the subject to make the best decision for the future. This is especially important if you want to live there not alone, but with the whole family. Spain welcomes everyone with open arms!