Where is the best place to live outside of Europe?

It has been known for a long time that the world is a global village. Everyone can find a place for themselves outside of their own city, country, and even ... the continent. Today we are trying to focus on places that encourage people to live outside of Europe and as it turns out - there are quite a lot of them!

Are you tired of your lifestyle? Are you looking for new prospects? There are many reasons to leave your home country in search of a place for yourself - but the choice of the place you can go to may not be so obvious anymore. There are many contradictory factors that translate to this. From job opportunities, through quality of life, to safety.

Not in Europe - where?

Below we put a short list of places that seem to be very good for living outside Europe - in terms of economics or the possibility of bringing up children.

Places worth considering include:

  • Russia

  • Vietnam

  • Hong Kong

  • Mexico

  • Taiwan

Taiwan is nowadays a serious candidate for the title of the best place in the world adapted to the international lifestyle. You can experience a high level there, both financial, personal, professional and family.

Mexico is not the safest corner in the world - it brings promising perspectives. The Asian team - Vietnam and Hong Kong and Russia are also in this ranking. It seems that from year to year, their position as one of the best places to live outside Europe will strengthen.