A trip to Shire in New Zealand

There is probably no fan of Tolkien's saga, who did not dream of moving to Shire for a moment. Yes, there are probably those who are more interested in the forests of elves and those who dream about dwarven mines. However, it must be admitted that this Hobbiton seems to be the most fascinating part of Middle-earth. What's better - every fan of this phenomenal land can fulfill his dreams. A trip to Shire in New Zealand is not only possible, but even very achievable!

Hobbiton in New Zealand - where is this place?

At the time of the greatest popularity of Tolkien's trilogy, anyone who wants to reach the New Zealand Shire would have to use obscure instructions printed from the Internet, but today it is quite easy to do - there is a whole lot of guides online!

Hobbiton is nothing more than the place where Shire scenes were filmed and since it was made available to Shire to tourists, the Baggins and other hobbits, it became one of the most popular tourist attractions in New Zealand.

If you want to get there you need to remember the two most important facts:

  • Hobbiton is located in the northern part of the island.

  • The New Zealand Shire is just a two-hour drive from Auckland.

Before going to this place, it is worth reading about it as much as possible. Why? To prepare properly to visit the Hobbiton - physically and mentally. It is important to be equipped with tips that will make the visit to this magical place the most-used time. Gandalf is there!